Registration for guests

Rules of registration for foreign citizens is regulated by law No. 109-FZ
from 18.07.2006

The full text of the law.

Main things you need to know:

1. If you stay at friends’ place or rent the apartment, then you need to register yourself within 7 working days.

2. If you stay in a hotel, hostel, boarding house or anything else, then they have to submit information about you within 1 working day.

3. Registration at the place of stay has to be done only in the place where you are at the moment. And only for the period during which you are there.
If you move from hotel to hotel, from city to city… or extend your stay — you must be registered in each of these places and for a new period!

4. If you already have a longer registration at the place of stay in another city. For example, where you study or work. The hotel still has to register you at their address.
In this case, the previous registration will be canceled!
Be careful, please contact your host when you return to another city and register again.

5. Data transfer by the hotel to the Ministry of Internal Affairs is a paid procedure.
Some hotels and hostels include this payment in the room rate. Others may ask you to make an additional payment.
For example, when most of their guests are Russians, then including this payment in the room rate for them would be incorrect.
The cost of this payment is usually 150-200 rubles per person.

6. At each hotel, you must be issued a tear-off form confirming your registration. Please keep it with you everywhere – it may be needed at the next hotel where you stay or it may be requested by the policeman on the street.